What is Computer Networks ? Definition and Function

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Computer Network

Understanding Computer Networks

A pc community can be described as a series of two or greater computer systems that are interconnected electronically. Data in the structure of text, audio or video, strikes thru wired or wi-fi media so that it lets in pc customers on a pc community to change files/data, print on the equal printer and use hardware/software that is linked to the community together. . A pc community can have two, tens, heaps or even tens of millions of nodes. A community normally consists of two or greater computer systems that are interconnected with every other, and share sources such as CDROMs, printers, file exchange, or enable to speak with every different electronically. The linked pc can also be related to cable media, cellphone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared rays.

History of Computer Networks

The records of pc networks stems from the delivery of the thought of laptop networks in the Nineteen Forties in America which used to be initiated with the aid of a MODEL I pc improvement mission at the Bell laboratory and a Harvard University lookup crew led through professor Howard Aiken. ought to be used together. To work on numerous approaches besides losing a lot of free time, a sequence of tactics (Batch Processing) are made, so that countless applications can be run on a laptop with queue rules.

Then in the Fifties when the kind of laptop commenced to increase till the introduction of a terrific computer, then a laptop had to serve a number of handy locations (terminals), for that the notion of distribution of approaches primarily based on time was once discovered, recognized as TSS (Time Sharing System). So for the first time the structure of a laptop community was once applied. In the TSS device various terminals are related in collection to a laptop or different gadget linked to a pc community (host).

In the TSS process, a aggregate of pc science and telecommunications technological know-how commenced to appear, which at first developed separately. US Department of Defense, U.S. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) determined to behavior lookup aimed at connecting a variety of computer systems to structure an natural community in 1969. This lookup software was once regarded as the ARPANET. In 1970, greater than 10 computer systems had been efficiently linked to every different so that they can speak with every different and structure a network. And in 1970, after the workload multiplied and the charge of giant computer systems started out to sense very expensive, the idea of allotted processing started to be used.

In this method quite a few host computer systems do a massive job in parallel to serve a number of terminals that are related in collection on every host computer. In the distribution process, it is honestly indispensable to have a deep combination of laptop technological know-how and telecommunications, due to the fact aside from the strategies that ought to be distributed, all host computer systems are required to serve their terminals in one command from the central computer. Quoted from (wikipedia).

Computer Network Classification

For Classification of Computer Networks right here are some of them are primarily based on geography. The pc community is divided into 3, particularly LAN (Local Area Network) the place the insurance of the community is solely one local. For example, the residence makes use of Wifi from the ISP, so it can be known as LAN. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) For this one is a series of LAN LANs that are one however nonetheless in one location. The instance is nonetheless inside the scope of the workplace or area. WAN (Wide Area Network) is a community past the scope of the City to the State Region. This is commonly known as the Internet. Based on the characteristic of pc networks, laptop networks have numerous sorts consisting of client-server and pear to pear. The client-server is a community that connects the customer to the server, typically this is performed on the sharing of web connections or files. Pear to Pear if this is the equal as Face to face, it capability that the relationship between two unique customers is private. Usually for Playing Games or Sharing Data.

Based on Network Topology. Network topology is the factor that describes the geometric relationship between the fundamental factors that make up the network, particularly nodes, links, and stations. The community topology can be divided into 6 primary classes as below. The following is a laptop network topology, bus topology, ring topology, famous person topology, mash topology, tree topology, hierarchical topology based totally on the distribution of information/data sources. Centralized network This community consists of customer computer systems and servers the place the customer computer systems characteristic as intermediaries to get admission to the network.source of information/data originating from one server computer. Distributed community It is a mixture of countless centralized networks so that there are numerous server computer systems that are interconnected with consumers to shape a specific community system. Based on records transmission media, in this case statistics transmission media, there are countless cables and wireless. if the cable that is generally used is UTP, Fiber Optic and Coaxial, it is for cable media if it is wi-fi such as Wirelles / Wifi, Vsat etc.

Osi Layer

When ISO (International Standard Organization) standardizes protocols, a preferred reference mannequin is created that incorporates how the protocol works. The reference mannequin was once later referred to as the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI). Based on the X.200 advice document, this OSI widespread has 7 layers. Each of these layers has a specific feature definition.

For a greater in-depth dialogue of the OSI layer explanation, there will be a exclusive submit that discusses greater deeply solely on Javanetmedia.

Wiring In Computer Networks

A pc community is a series of two or greater computer systems that are interconnected with every other. Productivity and effectivity are a shape of advantage that we can get from pc networks. As a pc connector, it approves the use of printers together, enabling file copying between PCs. Now this concept is in particular for understanding a community technician have to recognize the cable that should be used and the weak point is how to terminate every cable, for example, UTP cable termination which is generally accomplished through humans is to make straightover and crossover arrangements, they should apprehend the use of every pin or cable on UTP alongside with the association of colorings to make the Type above.

For a greater in-depth dialogue of wiring and explanations, there will be a one-of-a-kind put up that discusses greater deeply solely on Javanetmedia.


Subnetting is the system of breaking down an IP community into smaller subnetworks known as "subnets." Each subnet is a non-physical description (or ID) for the bodily subnet (usually a community change from a host containing a single router in a more than one network).

Usually in the calculation of subnetting the whole lot should be about the variety of subnets, the wide variety of hosts per subnet, subnet blocks, and broadcast addresses. Usually the IP tackle is written like192.168.1.1 , however from time to time it is written , so there have to be a which means from The which means is IP with a subnet mask of (1111111.11111111.11111111.00000000) or the 24 bit subnet masks is crammed with the range 1. This thinking is referred to as CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) which used to be first added in 1992through IEFT. Examples of Subnetting and its Calculations will be mentioned in Post Subneting.

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