How to Promote a Blog On Twitter Promoting Blogs On Twitter

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Promote a Blog On Twitter Promoting Blogs On Twitter

In addition to Facebook, many bloggers pomote their blogs on Twitter. Actually, what is twitter?

Many say that Twitter is the same as Facebook, which is a social network.
The definition of twitter if taken from is a social network and micro blogging service that allows users to send and read messages known as tweets, namely text with a number of 140 characters (the same as SMS characters).

This text will be visible on the owner's page and sent to other users who are connected to the owner who are known as followers.

So what does this have to do with blog promotion on Twitter?

It's a good idea to know about Twitter first before we promote a blog on Twitter.

If we want to do a blog promotion on twitter then it's a good idea to increase our followers, which will later be useful as a means for promoting our blog.

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Then why should we choose or use twitter as a means of blog promotion, including the following:

  1. 1. Twitter as a list builder or promotion tool, if we translate twitter as a means of making lists or lists, we might also call it a potential list as a target in our promotion.
  2. a potential list in an effort to promote a blog on twitter is very important because it can increase the efficiency of our promotion, and this is related to followers.
  3. 2. Twitter as our idea generator, with twitter we will be able to find inspiration to find ways to promote our blog on twitter, many people we can follow and we get some ideas about blog promotion or how to promote both on twitter and on other sites.
  4. 3. Twitter serves as a testimonial of the product you offer. if we do a blog promotion on twitter and then there is a person or follower who is interested, he will do a testimonial about what he sees good or bad, and where he does the testimonial, yes on twitter.
  5. This is important to evaluate your work and improve your products and services in the future.
  6. 4. Twitter as to attract consumers, if you do blog promotions on twitter then do well in order to attract followers in large numbers, make special offers then you will get more consumers and followers.

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     How can we get more followers on blog promotions on twitter? Here are some tips on how to get followers:

    Attitude, be realistic, don't assume too much, and this attitude can also be used if you want to promote your blog on Twitter.

  •     Do not open more than one account, because Twitter will think you are a spammer, and no one likes spam. this will affect the promotion of blogs on twitter.
  •     Share the best moments in your life, the very best in your opinion.
  •     Don't make sentences that will hurt someone
  •     Don't hesitate to follow users or become more than 10 or 50 followers per day.
  •     If you have 999 twitter followers, then stop being a follower, other than that, if you have more then you will be considered a spammer.
  •     Don't hesitate to follow-up your followers, this will increase the number of your followers
  •     Feel free to send private messages to other users.
  •     Visit your twitter account regularly, this will increase the confidence of your followers.

Those are some tips to increase your followers as a means for blog promotion on twitter, besides that you can use several applications developed by third parties, which are related to affiliate programs, of course, can also be used as blog promotions on twitter, including tweetgrid, and mr. tweet, and many other applications that can be used.

Blog promotion on Twitter is not a promotional tool that you can just accept raw, or you think just register and do promotions there then you get quite a lot of profit. no, twitter is just a tool, making it easier for your promotional tools.


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Still in need of some aspects that make you successful, especially creativity, because it takes a lot of followers who make the information you spread can be spread in a wide range, promote blogs on twitter, are you ready?

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