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How to Download Videos from Youtube to mp3 or mp4

Youtube is a repository of all videos, there are lots of videos there. Starting from video tutorials, documentation, short films, and many others
youtube to mp3 or mp4

Easy Ways to Download Videos from Youtube - Youtube is a repository of all videos, there are lots of videos there. Starting from video tutorials, documentation, short films, movies, advertisements, product review videos, funny videos and much more, everything is on YouTube.

When we watch an interesting video on YouTube, of course we want to download it, right? An interesting video doesn't get bored if it's played many times.

It's not just interesting videos, it's better if we download tutorial videos that teach something so that later when you try it you can play it many times without running out of more quota.

If on a smartphone like Android, there may be a new feature from YouTube that is quite useful, namely offline YouTube where we can save videos from YouTube to our cellphones so that they can be accessed without an internet connection later (offline).

But for desktop users?

Well at this time I will teach a tutorial to download videos from YouTube with an application and without an application. No half-hearted, there are 5 ways that I will explain, you just have to choose which way you have.

How to Download Videos from Youtube to mp3 or mp4 

No Application

Downloading videos without this application is suitable for those of you who want to download only a few videos and don't want to bother having to install existing applications. Also suitable for internet cafe users who don't have a youtube video downloader application available, such as IDM, EagleGet, etc.

1. Using SSYoutube.com

The method; make sure you already know which youtube video you want to download, if it is enough, add the ss url to the video link url in the address bar.

Then press enter. Wait a moment for the loading process, and it will come out as below;

Please select the desired video resolution, then click download. Done. It's easy isn't it?

2. Using Youtube Video Download Site

This method is slightly different from the above, if we use the method above, the quick way is to just add ss to the finished youtube video link url. In this case, we use the my website click here, we just do it manually. Here's how;

Make sure you have the video you want to download, copy the url link.

Open the Free Online Youtube Downloader site, then paste the url you copied earlier in the form provided.

Just like the first tutorial, please select the video resolution you want to download. Then click download, download is complete.

This second note is a little more complicated than the first method, but if the first method has an error or you can't use it, you can use this second method.

3. Using Youtube generator on My Website

Go to the site https://mogfest.id/

Then look in the right corner and look for the YouTube generator, please copy the url from YouTube and click here

Then if you have searched for the format you want and hit download and you can already download the video that you downloaded

4. Using the Downloader Application

By installing/installing the downloader application on your computer, it will make it easier for you to download YouTube videos, you can speed up the video download process, pause video downloads if you want, resume anytime without fear of corrupt files, etc.

You can install a download application that is quite famous like IDM but it is paid, so I don't recommend it. It's better to use a free one, no less okay, there's EagleGet.

Download link: http://www.eagleget.com/download/setup.exe

Then please install as usual, don't forget to also install the extension for the Google Chrome browser so that EagleGet can detect the youtube video you want to download.

And now you can easily download videos from youtube, download movies for hours in FHD quality because there is a pause/resume download feature. The download is even faster because it is optimized with this one software.

5. Using UC Browser

Don't think that UC Browser is only available on the mobile, the desktop version. There are quite interesting features that browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Cortana don't have. That is, you can download videos from YouTube easily.

Download: UC Browser

Then do the installation as usual.

How to use it is very easy, just watch the youtube video that you want to download, a button will appear to download the video itself, you can also determine the quality of the video.

That's How to Download Videos from Youtube to mp3 or mp4  , hopefully it can be useful. I've tried all of these tutorials and prove it works well

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