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Do this Trick to Speed up internet on Android

How to increase internet speed, hello friends, this time I will discuss how to speed up the internet
Internet Speed

How to increase internet speed , hello friends, this time I will discuss how to speed up the internet, there is a part of someone who really wants to have very fast internet, what has been circulating so far is usually done in a fairly complicated way. so here I will explain easily and simply.

Indeed, there are many articles similar to this one. Even though they are fully explained, even with pictures, the words used are usually high-level computer technology language that the layman cannot understand.

Some of the methods used usually go through quite a lengthy process so even a slight mistake can create confusion or even damage the tool system.

Not to mention if there is a sentence of warning or rebuttal stating that they are not responsible for any damage that may occur. Then how do you increase internet speed simply without high risk?

Here are the steps on how to increase Android internet speed:

  1. Before doing anything on your Android, you should look around you first. Are you in a closed area? If you often use Android in closed places.Especially in thick-walled and tightly closed buildings, it is very likely that signal interference will occur which will result in a decrease in your internet speed. Try to check the signal received by your Android.If the signal is weak, it means you are in a less supportive place. The solution to this problem, of course, is to find a more open area where you can get a better signal.
  2. Browsers can be the cause of decreased internet speed. Some browsers are less stable and often crash or crash which results in the loading process being interrupted or even stopped.Take a look at the loading process in your browser. If you often experience loading processes that suddenly stop, maybe the browser you are using is unstable. Try to change your browser.One browser for Android that is quite stable is Opera Mini. Some browsers also provide plugins that can help speed up connection performance, such as Opera Turbo, which is found in Opera Mini.You can take advantage of these plugins. Apart from that, updating your browser can also help you get a more comfortable and faster surfing process.
  3. If the location and browser are supported, there is another way to increase internet speed which is quite effective and has been proven by many people in the world, namely using an Android application which is designed to increase internet connection speed on Android.There are tons of apps of this kind available. Some of them are quite small and easy to use with just one press of a button, such as Internet Speed ​​Booster. If you choose this method, make sure your device has specifications that support the application.
  4. Your surfing habits may affect the connection speed. If you often let cache stored in piles on your Android, this can make the device's performance decrease.So the cause of slow loading is not the internet connection, but rather the performance of the device. Therefore, be diligent in clearing the cache. Diligently using a file cleaner or cleaner application is another option in how to increase internet speed.So that's how to increase internet speed on Android, maybe now you just realized it's simple isn't it, I hope this short article is useful

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