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Tips Google Ads - Click Bomb

As most bloggers probably know, registering for the google adsense program is difficult and easy. There are those who register once they are immediate
Google ads

As most bloggers probably know, registering for the google adsense program is difficult and easy. There are those who register once they are immediately accepted, there are also those who have registered dozens of times but still get rejected.. maybe it has something to do with a person's level of handsomeness, hahaha..kidding..

This usually happens because the blogger does not really understand what the terms and conditions must be met before registering.

Now, because registering for Google Ads is difficult and there are many terms and conditions, bloggers are usually very careful in managing blogs, including in terms of promotion.

There are many reasons why bloggers who use the Google Ads program tend to keep their blog addresses secret, one of which, in my opinion, is the most important for security reasons from the Adsense account itself.

As just happened to me this morning at 6.30 WIB (26/09/2016), my adsense on one of the blogs (not https://mogfest.id/) was hit by a booming click. Someone has intentionally clicked on my adsense ad 1200 times with the same IP address, on the same page and within a certain time.

Of course something like this violates the provisions and is not justified by Google, which in the end will have an impact on closing your google ads account or being banned.

Finding something that was not natural, I immediately took steps to overcome the problem so that unwanted things did not happen. 

Here are the steps that blogger friends can follow.

1. Remove Google Adsense Ads

One way that can be taken to deal with bomb clicks is to immediately release Adsense ads. However, the weakness of this method is that if the perpetrator does not reload/refresh the blog page, the ad will still appear and the possibility of bomb clicks will continue.

2. Removing Adsense Publisher Site Authority

If blogger friends haven't activated the site authority feature in Adsense, then activate it immediately because this feature is very useful. This feature aims only to provide ad serving authority on blogs that we approve.

So, for example, on the blog, we suspect that there is unusual activity, such as click bombs, for example, then immediately revoke the authority of the advertisement on the blog. the ad will still show but every click that occurs will be ignored by Google.

3. Immediately Report Invalid Click to Google

If the bomb click has already happened, immediately report it to Google via the following link:


fill in all the fields in the form as detailed as possible, if blogger friends have integrated google adsense with google analytics, it will not be difficult to find out which page, which ad, and at what time the attack occurred.

If you have done the steps above, then let Google work for the rest and investigate this unusual activity. Usually income from results

The bomb click will be annulled by Google without providing any confirmation, unless something serious has happened to the Google Ads account. Those are my tips, hopefully useful.

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