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How to Convert JPG to PDF Free?

Tinny Scanner pdf

Most people would say that it is a good idea to have a small file format like pdf, mainly because pdf files are the smallest in size. Some other formats include RLE, LZW, JPG, CCIT etc

Of all the file formats, the smallest is PDF, which is why many people prefer to change the image format to PDF. Some of them may like small files because they won't be slow to open.

Back to the previous discussion, for those of you who want to change the image size to PDF form on Android,

Please follow the steps below.

1.Install Tiny Scan: PDF Document Scanner on your Android, it's very easy to download via the Play Store.

2.How to use this application is very easy, my friend can determine the default PDF format in advance so that the conversion process becomes faster. For the result, it can be black and white or color that can be changed from the Settings menu - Default Process.
4. Next, you can adjust the layout and paper size as needed. Finally, tap on the check icon and name the file to save as a PDF file. The processed file will be saved in the MyTinyScan and MyTinyScan PDF folders.

Another function of Tiny Scan is that you can take a picture with your camera and get results in PDF format. So many Android tricks above.

 I convey if my friend does not understand please comment.

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