Content Types, Know Before You Create

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Content Types, Know Before You Create

Developing a business through digital is closely related to how we present content. Of course, the content that is created should not be arbitrary, so that the results are maximum and in accordance with the target, but even so we must also create diverse content so that followers or readers do not get bored. Get to know this, content types.

Content is Universal

Digging into the content, I'm kind of immersed in it. The deeper, the more love. Because this content is a universal language, it also becomes an art for the audience. The meaning of this content, can be said to be universal because of its breadth, it can even be said to be limitless. In just one content topic, hundreds to thousands of content can be born in various ways of presentation, even millions if taken from various points of view.

In creating content, I still think we must have or maintain values ​​that are upheld. But in general, make sure the content does not contain SARA.

What is SARA, sir?

SARA stands for Ethnic, Religion, Race and Intergroup. Moreover, we live in Indonesia, which has ethnic diversity, so making content with SARA elements should not be done because it can cause social conflict because it is very sensitive for some people.

Focus on useful content. And before creating it, let's identify content types:

Content Types

Content Type By Format

Writing, like what Fellas is enjoying right now, hehe

Images, this content is usually found on Facebook or Instagram

Videos, Youtube or Tiktok lovers, let's get closer

Audio, Podcast content for example

Infographics, visual content that we often encounter both online and offline

By recognizing the format of the content, we can determine what equipment is needed, supporting applications, and can even estimate the duration of content processing.

Content Types Based on Their Nature

Education, educational content is content that adds insight and knowledge, it can also be in the form of answers to concerns. Or content that contains tips, how to alias tutorials, study cases or explanations. This type of educational content can have a positive impact on the audience, which is I love this type of content so much. Because yes it can make you smarter, right!

Reviews or Reviews, the type is still similar to educational content. But in my opinion, reviews have their own value in them, such as specifically inviting the reader to know more about something being reviewed.

Entertaint, it is natural that we like content that is entertaining. Because it is light, it can be easily consumed and usually has a lot of fans. There are many examples, such as memes, jokes, dances, and even pranks that actually enter entertainment content (but make sure if you want to make pranks content, think carefully so that it doesn't get multiple interpretations), challenge content or content that contains pets. All content that is entertaining in nature, anyway.

Information is different from education. This type of content is up-to-date, so it's more about what news hits. Examples can be various things, ranging from the latest travel, makeup trends or maybe hot gossip, eaaaaa.

Inspirational, content that can inspire or motivate. Have you ever watched or heard a piece of content and then you became excited and motivated? Yes, that's inspiring content, usually this kind of content is closely related to people, so someone will be appointed.

This content can be easily created, such as a single post/single content containing a quote. It can also be complicated, for example, highlighting a person's biography or struggles.

Promotive, in the digital wilderness everyone has a selling point. Similarly, promotional content also exists. This content is promoting something, not only goods or services, it can also be in the form of branding content. The funny thing is, the 5 points above may contain promotive content.

Are you ready to create content yet? There are additional tips, so that the content created can reach many people.

Content Tips Can Go Viral

Create relatable content

What relates to people is usually preferred. You must have heard the phrase: "Oops, this content really relates to me!". So creating content that makes readers feel engaged is something that is needed and believed to be viral.

Create shareable content

You must have suddenly shared a post even though you don't really know the content creator. This is because we feel so compelled to share the content on our social media channels. Examples can be many, such as content that can cause emotions for example. Or inspirational content.

Create content that leads to discussion

This type of content cannot be guaranteed to go viral. But it can potentially reach a lot of people, people basically like to be asked for their opinion, and this type of content is like saying: “Bring it on!”


Fellas, recognizing the content type will makelet us in the creation of the content. And that way we will be able to find our target market. Let's focus on creating content that has value in our account for the long term.

Fellas can learn to create content with us too, both privately and together in online and offline activities. As a resource for social media content creation, I have found many good and exciting experiences when creating workshops and training. Creating good content is one thing, creating content that has value is another.

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