6 Method to Lower Your Blog Bounce Rate

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6 Method to Lower Your Blog Bounce Rate

More about the bounce rate has been discussed in the article on the definition of the bounce rate. If fewer people stick around to read after clicking on your blog, then it might be a sign of the content on the blog being not interesting enough. Alternately, it could have something to do with how your visitors are interacting with the content, such as scrolling manner or time spent reading specific articles.

Below are 6 strategies you can use to make visitors feel at home on your blog. The following strategies will help you to lower your bounce rate.

The following is a strategy to reduce the bounce rate on a blog or website:

1. Use a larger font size

Smashing Magazine says that using a font size of 16px or more will make your blog more readable. In addition, make sure your blog is readable on various browser platforms and gadgets. You can set all of this in your blog's CSS.

2. Open the link in a new window or tab

Make all external links open in a new window or tab. If this external link opens in the same tab, then visitors will automatically leave your blog when they open the link.

For example, this isn't true of internal links on your blog. Internal links will open on the same tab, which means visitors won't be leaving your site. This will minimize bounce rates.

3. Create internal links with other articles

Internal links are links that point to other pages on your own blog. Providing 2-3 internal links in each article will make your visitors curious and open other pages on your blog..

4. Make your articles easier to scan

Make your articles easier to read. Mark important sentences by bolding or italicizing. Or you can even use heading tags. You are free to choose as long as this can attract the attention of visitors.

5. Make a nice design

A simple, clean blog design is way better than one that looks crowded and cluttered. Mix a few attractive color combinations and make navigation as easy as possible. Ads and widgets are not needed.

6. Speed ​​up your blog loading

Of course you don't want your visitors to leave because they're tired of waiting for your blog page to load, right? Therefore, make sure to speed up loading your blog. In addition to visitors, search engines like Google also like blogs that have fast loading.

This is just a little informational post on some ways to get your blog's bounce rate down. I've talked about my suggestions now, all you need to do is implement them into your blog.

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