6 Method to Install Internal Links to Increase Pageviews

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Internal Links to Increase Pageviews

An internal link is a link usually in the form of anchor text, and this link will lead from one post to another on the same website  different from a backlink which is a link from a website page that leads to another website or site

The purpose of a blogger to create an internal link is:

Make it easy to navigate visitors to a blog

Make a website more structured

Make visitors visit our blog longer and can lower the Bounce Rate

A good internal link in a blog can increase the page view of the blog and make visitors can linger on our blog. Internal links can also make us market the writings that we make which are no less interesting than the articles that visitors are reading.

Besides that, internal links are also very good for increasing the ranking of a blog or website on search engines.

If friends do what is written in this article, I can guarantee that you can make your blog more user friendly and our blog page rankings can increase.

Strategies for Creating Internal Links on Blogs

1.Use a Sitemap.

Make a sitemap on our blog, the sitemap on the blog not only serves to improve the structure of our blog, but we also use this sitemap to increase the number of internal links, use a sitemap to create internal links

2. Put Popular Links from Our Blog Side Bar

Many bloggers have done this, by placing articles from their most popular blogs, so that blog visitors can also see which articles are the most popular and most read on our blog.

I also practice this, because it is very good at all to increase the page views of a blog.

3. Put a Related Post at the End of a Post

Make a related post or article related to the article post that visitors are reading

By placing articles that match the contents of the post below the article, visitors can stay longer on our blog because later on, the readers of our blog will read articles related to the article they are looking for.

4.Create Continuous Posts

So for example, if you have made an article and you think the article is quite long, then the solution is to make a continuous article.

for example, you make an article about "The Causes of Dizziness in the Head", then later you can make another article about How to Cure Headaches

5.Put the Link in the Footer

This footer section is often stepchildren by several bloggers, so here friends can put a link to your blog footer article

Because usually blog readers will scroll and look to the bottom of our blog to find something they might be able to read

Notify your blog visitors by placing a link in the footer, letting them know that you have an article that readers can still read

6.Create Anchor Text and Insert it in Blog Posts

If you are making a post, don't forget to prepare a place to put an internal link in your article

If we have the topic of an old article whose topic is the same as the article that is being made, we can put it in the article we just wrote.

Putting internal links in this way can make your old articles readable by readers


So many articles about making this internal link, hopefully with this article it can help friends in improving the structure on all of your friends' blogs

If there is still something you want to ask friends, please leave a comment

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