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50 Opportunities for Small Capital Online Businesses

Opportunities online business

Many parents say to their children "school hard, son, so tomorrow they can work and earn a lot of money". So, we often hear those words, don't we? That's actually a good suggestion, but it can also be bad.

Why? Because in words it can be "work", the verb is indeed synonymous with working in a company. Although the verb can also mean to open a business. But, let's try if from childhood we have been instilled "School that is diligent, yes, so we can open a business and employ a lot of other people".

Nowadays, finding a job is getting more and more difficult, the company's qualifications to accept workers are getting tougher. Coupled with the increasing unemployment rate, the competition for job applicants is getting tougher.

This is exacerbated by the increasing need for life, and the more frequent demonstrations carried out by workers demanding their "rights".

If so, who is at fault? Nothing is wrong! What's wrong is that we don't want to try. Actually, if we can see the opportunities there are lots of opportunities that we can take and make a business.

One of the popular business trends today is the trend of opening an online business. In Indonesia, the internet has existed since the 90s, and was very booming from the 2000s. And now? The internet is like the fourth primary need after clothing, food and shelter.

If we are careful, doesn't this really open up opportunities for us to open a business? And if we want to try the results achieved in this online business are not inferior to the results if we open an offline business.

So what are the online business opportunities? In this article I want to discuss approximately 44 online business opportunities that we can start. This article can be said to be in addition to what has been reviewed by the guideim.com blog.

Online Business Opportunities You Can Start Right Now

Actually, this article is a more complete discussion than the previous article, namely 8 online business models without capital. In this article, we only discuss the types of online businesses in general, but not specifically. Well, in this article I want to discuss it specifically.

Before proceeding to the next discussion, I suggest you have read my article about the important capital of an online business. If you already understand the capital that must be met, then please continue to the following 50 online business opportunities:

1. Create a Web Shop Online / Online Shop

The most common way is that we create an online shop or online shop. Not a few people who successfully create their own online store. How to create an online store web?

Actually the method is easy, we don't have to create an online store with various features such as large online stores such as Lazada, Bibli, etc.

We simply create a website that provides information about our products. One page is enough if the items we sell are only one. No need to create features such as shopping carts, live chat, etc. Just one article complete with product photos + contact number to be contacted.

Then how to make the website? We can make our own if we understand website programming languages, or we can use free web creation services such as wordpress, joomla, etc. Then we install it on our hosting server.

Still hard? The easiest step is to create a free blog using wordpress.com or blogger.com. Looks cheap? We can custom the domain according to our wishes, for example to be ikitoko.com, or other addresses.

It's not difficult to make, if you are proficient in just one hour, the website is ready. Don't believe? Please , or in the next article I will discuss how to create an online store website.

Then, the question that many people ask is where do we get the merchandise from? Simple, we can sell our own products. No product? Yes, we sell our friends' products, or something else. We just need to take advantage of it.

2. Selling Online on the Marketplace Website (Online Market)

The first one was an online web store, the second one is a web marketplace. What is a marketplace website?

As the name suggests, the marketplace or in Indonesia is a place for buying and selling. So the logic is like this, if on your online store website it's like having your own shop/shop on the side of the road or not joining other people's malls or markets.

If the marketplace is like a market/mall, in one marketplace there are many sellers, not just one. If it's an online web shop, we're the only ones selling products on the web.

One of the advantages of the marketplace is that we don't have to look for visitors/buyers. Because the marketplace is usually already crowded with buyers reaching tens of thousands and even millions of visitors every month.

If we make our own website, we have to be extra hard to promote our website, yes, if we make our own shop on a quiet roadside, we have to be extra hard for the prom.osi our shop so crowded. If the market is already crowded, so we don't need to promote with extra energy.


The name is also "market" of course there are many other traders who sell similar goods, of course we must be able to compete, especially in terms of quality and price. When people go to the market, of course, they are looking for goods with the cheapest prices, right?

Well, it's the same, if on our own online store web, we only sell goods so there is no competition in it, it's inversely proportional to the marketplace.

Buyers can look for type A goods, where type A goods are not sold by only one person. Of course, the buyer will first choose which goods are of the same quality but at a low price.

That's a hassle when selling on the marketplace, besides that we can't immediately receive payments if someone buys our goods. Why?

Because in the marketplace it implements a system such as "receipt" or a joint account. So we sell goods, then someone orders. The buyer transfers money to the Tokopedia party, Tokopedia gives a notification that the buyer bought your item and has transferred it.

Then, we send the goods to the buyer. If the buyer has arrived, the buyer will confirm to Tokopedia that the item has been received, then Tokopedia will transfer the money to you.

Then, what if the buyer does not confirm the payment?

If that happens, marketplace parties such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak will wait up to 30 days before cash withdrawals can be made. That's one of the weaknesses in the marketplace for sellers.

Because we can not receive money on the same day. However, this is done to protect the rights of customers and minimize the occurrence of online fraud.

3. Selling Online Through Social Media

This method is no less popular than the 2 above, nowadays people spend more time on their social media whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The data above I got from the website Techinasia Indonesia, can you see it? There are 79 million Indonesians who join Facebook! Remember this is only on Facebook, not on Twitter, Instagram, or other popular social media.

Have you imagined a market map that you can use? Well, Facebook itself has provided a fanspage feature where we can create pages to sell our products. This page can be called an “online catalog”. This page can be used instead of a website.

Apart from Facebook, we can also sell through other social media such as Instagram. Now Instagram is like the old twitter, where buzzers are popping up which are commonly known as “celebgrams”.

There are many celebgrams popping up like riarichis, this cute and beautiful girl has successfully become a popular buzzer with many product endorsements in it.

There is a mastah who once said that "SEO is an item that people are looking for, while Social Media is an item that people need". This means that through SEO we are sought, if through social media we offer.

If you want to build a brand, social media is the best place. For example, you know hipwee? Yes, this community-based site is very booming through its interesting articles about young people.

Now the question is, can the articles presented by Hipwee be searched through search engines? The answer is yes! But, with what keywords? People will find it difficult to find the right keywords for every article on hipwee, but the articles presented by hipwee are needed / liked by young people.

That's why, hipwee is booming because of its viral content on social media. Because the articles are unique, interesting, and very young, it is very easy for hipwees to create viral content. Then is there any advantage to creating a site like Hipwee?

Eitsss hipwee profits are not small, the evidence is that at the end of 2015 hipwee was acquired by migme with a value of $3 million! Or around Rp 29.7 billion as quoted from techinasia.

Now, hipwee is just an example that hipwee is successful in “selling” content by optimizing social media. This is very wide open if you have unique items or DIY (do it yourself!). Unique items that will be difficult to sell through SEO but easier through social media.

4. Selling People's Goods Without Capital, Abundant Results / Dropshipper

You don't have any merchandise? Well, one of the best solutions is dropshipping. What is dropshipping?

So, let's say you want to sell perfume, but don't have perfume. And want to stock the goods, there is no capital. That's why you are looking for supplier A who sells perfume and accepts the dropship system. So, for example, the selling price of perfume is 100 thousand, and the dropshipper selling price is 70 thousand, then you make 70 thousand in profit.

So, you offer the perfume online for 100 thousand, after the buyer transfers 100 thousand to you, you immediately transfer 70 thousand to supplier A. Lucky 70 thousand, right? Well, then supplier A sends perfume to the consumer who bought it earlierma you are not on behalf of the supplier.

Isn't it delicious? We don't have to bother with stocking goods, if the goods from supplier A run out we can look for the same goods to supplier B. So we don't have to bother.


How do I find the supplier? So, we can search on Google with the keyword "name of dropshipping goods" or just search for it on Kaskus, Tokopedia, Bukalapak. Contact the relevant sellers then ask whether you accept dropship or not?

For the price markup it's up to us, for example from the seller it's 70 thousand and the market price is 100 thousand, we can increase it a little to 105 thousand. But, do not sell expensive. It's better to be cheap but repeat orders quickly, than expensive but long closing...

Just like the Chinese trade principle, the important thing is cheap prices sell well… Later, if you add them up, you will get a lot of profit.

5. Selling Digital Tutorials/Guides Online

If from the 4 business opportunities, we discussed "real" goods, meaning real goods, now we will discuss digital goods, not abstract, right...

One of the best-selling digital products is selling guides or tutorials. You must have skills right? Why not make a tutorial about the skills you have? No need to bother looking for the simplest one.

For example, you like fishing. Why not make a guide book/video on how to fish? Starting from how to choose a fishing rod, how to choose a fishing bait, to how to install a fishing rod.

Still confused? For example, if you are an IT student, why not make a video guide about the programming language you are good at? How come you don't master one programming language?

For example, you are good at web programming, you can make a guide from basic html, css, then then move on to discussing advanced languages ​​such as PHP, mysql database, jquery and ajax.

Still no ideas? Are you a housewife? Good at cooking? Why not make a cooking guide video? You can make cooking guides like a professional chef on national tv shows that we often watch.

Actually there are a lot of ideas that you can use as tutorial/guide materials. How to find this idea?

Like Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, more or less he said that where there are people complaining there is potential. So, try to find things that many people complain about. Research, explore, and make solutions in the form of guides/tutorials.

So, don't be lazy to explore the problem! “Turn their problems into your profit”.

6. Sell Stock Design Royalties

Confused what it means?

Well... one of the advantages of selling digital products is that we want to sell 1 item by selling 1000 items, the capital is the same!

Don't believe? For example, you make a design, now you sell the design with a regular license, meaning you still hold the full copyright of your design. So, you can sell that design to 1, 2, 3, or thousands of people, right? Even though you sell it to 1 person with 1000 people, the design is the same!

In contrast to non-digital products, for example, if you want to sell 1 cake, the ingredients needed are 1, if you sell 1000 cakes, the ingredients needed are 1000. For digital products, you want to sell 1 or 1000 ingredients needed, only 1! So luckily it can be folded many times!

I understand?

If not, do you know Microsoft? Yes, the company that manufactures the windows we use today. Where do their profits come from? Yes, from selling software! You know bill gates? Yes, he is the founder of Microsoft and the richest person in the world. Why did he become so rich in just 3 decades? The answer is that he sells digital products!

Imagine, if Microsoft makes only 1 software and sells for example at least 1 million copies. Where 1 coffee costs $100, already $100 million isn't it? That's just 1 software that sold 1 million copies.

Even though there are hundreds or even thousands of software produced by Microsoft? And how many millions if not hundreds of millions of copies have been sold?

So, what did I mean? So here we sell "license".

So, if you have design skills, try making a design and then try to offer it on international markets such as the envato group, especially on graphicriver.net. There is a story from a vocational school student (in 2014) who managed to get 7 million per month from selling designs. Read more about it here.

Because I admit, it is very difficult to sell designs in the local market. The price demanded by local people is too sadistic indeed. That's why it is better to sell designs in the international market which is more humane.

7. Buying and Selling Aged Domains

What are aged domains? An aged domain is a domain that is old and "dead", so it can be bought again by someone else through an online auction.

For people who understand SEO, aged domains are highly sought after because of their quality. Of course not carelessly aged domain yes. There are lots of domain criteria that must be considered before deciding to buy a domain. The criteria for aged domains are more or less as follows:

History domain, make sure the domainthe one we buy doesn't have a dark past. For example, a former blog j*d*, or p*r**, etc.

Number and Quality of Backlinks, this is also important sometimes those past blogs have strong backlinks. Especially having backlinks from big sites like CNN, etc. But, make sure the backlinks don't come from weird blogs/webs.

Domain age, the older the better. Because of what? Directly an old domain is easier to index by Google than a new domain / fresh domain.

In general, these three things must be considered before buying an aged domain. Don't expect aged domains to be cheap! The price is more than the normal price, if the normal price is $10 – $13 then if the aged domain is at least 20-30s dollars, some even reach hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Then what is the aged domain for? Aged domains are usually created to create a new web alias revive it with a niche according to what we choose. Or also aged domains are used to create backlinks which are commonly referred to as PBNs or Private Blog Networks.

So, if you have more money, especially the balance in paypal / other payment gateways, it doesn't hurt to collect the aged domain. Who knows if it sells even more.

8. Buying and Selling Web (Web Flipping)

Well, what is no less flashy than selling aged domains is buying and selling the web. People make websites for many purposes, some are for online shops, personal websites, just to vent, company profiles, and some are for sale.

So, why is a website being sold by the owner of the website? The answer is yes. Only one, because the web is no longer very profitable!

But, there are also those who make websites whose purpose is to sell them. Again, the goals and principles of each are the same.

So, where is the place to buy and sell the website? If in Indonesia, yes, in the largest internet marketing forum, namely ads.id, there is a special sub forum for buying and selling websites (click here).

In the forum almost every day there must be buying and selling activity, then how do you sell it? More or less the rules of the forum / website buying and selling websites apply the following rules:

Include website links, Include website specifications, such as what engine is used, number of posts, templates used. Statistical data for the last few months, income received each month (can be google adsense, online store, affiliate, or others).

So, what is the price set for a website? Usually, the selling price is 3-5x earning per month. Or it could be 10x of earnings per month.

For example, you make 10 million/month from the blog, it's up to the monetize method (how to monetize it) like what. Then the selling price is at least 30-50 million and usually a maximum of 100 million.

A friend of mine sells a blog with the address blogspot.com, if I'm not mistaken, it's sold for 60-80 million! Crazy isn't it?

Well, apart from ads.id we can sell it on flippa.com, it's the most popular website for buying and selling websites in the world. If you can't sell it, you can use a service, namely webdijual.com.

Please consult with them, the one who owns the website is one of the elders at ads.id, so there's no need to doubt the quality anymore.

9. Sell Stock Photos on Outer Marketplaces

Well, there are many kinds of selling digital products. If earlier we discussed selling designs, now we are talking about selling photos.

Photos for sale? Yes! Actually the photos on the internet have a license, if the free ones have a CC aka Creative Common license we can use the photos, edit, and distribute them for free.

But… Not a few photos that we have to buy a license so we can use them. Well, for those of you who like to take photos, selling stock photos is quite tempting. There are many places to sell photos, including:

Photodune.net (envato group)




Of course there are lots of other stock photos that we can use, but the web stock photos above are the most popular at the moment.

The selling price of each photo is indeed cheap, around $5-$10 but, if we have hundreds of stock photos that are sold, it's a lot, right? For example, each photo sells 1-2 only per month, and there are 100 photos that sell, right?

And remember, we don't have to promote our photos, and this can be used as a big passive income if we really have a large collection of photos.

So, what photos are the most sought after? Most of the photos that are sought are photos related to business/models. Because it is usually used as a photo template for a product.

However, I suggest creating an “identity” for each photo you sell. The more unique the concept of the photo, the more likely it is for that person to buy it.

10. Selling Audio Online

In addition to designs and photos, we can sell audio online. Hobby of sound engineering? Well this can be used as a solution.

Do you sell sound? The answer is bangeet! Because nowadays the need for digital products is increasing rapidly, and people out there prefer to buy rather than make because they are more concerned with time efficiency.

The most popular place for selling this audio sound is Audiojungle, we can sell interesting sound effects or audio effects such as baby sounds, people laughing, clapping, etc.

In addition to such effects, we can sell music, such as disco music, or music effects commonly used for audio processing software such as Adobe Audition or others.

The selling price of this sound effect is more expensive than the photo, in the audio jungle itself the price is between $1 to $73 for 1 license! Expensive isn't it? The price also competes with the price of the theme template.

Now, if we are creative, especially in the field of technology, we can sell anything, right? Again, are we able or not?

11. Selling T-shirts, we design without the hassle of printing our own

This is another creative idea. So if you like t-shirt design but are lazy to print it yourself because the printing costs and the process are complicated, then this is the solution.

So there is a web (company) that provides services where we can sell our designs, if it sells then that company will print the t-shirts for sale.

One of the pioneers is teespring, the benefits we get are not kidding here. Teespring is willing to pay a premium for a t-shirt. Because the selling price of t-shirts abroad is quite expensive compared to domestic ones.

For every t-shirt sold with our design, we are paid at least $5/t-shirt. Imagine, if a month we make only 1 t-shirt design, and 1 t-shirt sells 100 pieces, then we already get a profit of $500/month! Assuming we only take a profit of $ 5 only.

Now that is one of the products sold there, the price of the shirt was $23.95 and sold 1595 pieces! For example, if the designer makes a profit of $5, he has made a minimum profit of $7975 if converted to IDR 108,539,750 ($1 = IDR 13,610). That's what we just design without thinking about printing, sending the t-shirts.

How? Interested? If you have good design skills and feel, this method is worth a try, right?

12. Create and Sell Website Templates (HTML/CMS)

Okay, then we will discuss for those who have coding skills, one of the business opportunities that is quite promising.

Now this is indeed the need for a template that is increasing. How come? Now the development of the internet is so fast, automatically the website is not a fancy thing anymore, daaan… the need for a good website is also increasing.

This is where we can take the opportunity. Because of what? Many people can't code! That's why this is one of the opportunities that are very wide open. We can create templates either in HTML form only or have been converted to CMS for example wordpress or blogspot.

I recommend making a template that has been converted to a CMS, because if it's still in HTML then people still need coding skills even though it's only basic HTML and CSS.

The average template sold is worth 30 dollars, the cheapest standard is 10 dollars. But with good quality templates, the average sale is 50 dollars, the most expensive for a web template with a regular license is around 70 dollars.

For licenses, it depends on the seller, if they are sold in special marketplaces such as Themeforest and the like, they usually have a regular license, so basically with a set price, we can only install it on 1 domain / 1 client.

However, if you sell it yourself, the license is usually unlimited, so you are free to use whatever domain you own. But, there are also those who free it freely, we can install it on the client template, resell it, or something else.

How to make that attractive template? Indeed, coding skills do not guarantee making a good template because it is already in the realm of designers. Tips so that the templates we sell are attractive, at least as follows:

According to the market, what does that mean? If we sell it in the foreign market, the design style must also match their style, if it is sold in Indonesia, it must match the Indonesian style.

Unique design, lately the trend of web design is one page design (one page). The design is simple, but are you aware? If right now the web design is stuck there? In the past, with variations of Adobe Flash, the designs were unique even though they were heavy.

In accordance with the standard, what I mean is that the quality of the code that we create must be in accordance with the trend. If you are using HTML 5 now, don't use HTML 4, use CSS3, javascript, etc.

The web is light, one of the reasons people like to visit a web is because the web is light and not heavy. That's why create a lightweight template, make javascript, css compression with the lowest level.

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