4 Method to Create Articles that Attract Visitors

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4 Method to Create Articles that Attract Visitors

Creating Interesting Articles - Creating a website that has a lot of visitors is certainly the desire of many webmasters or bloggers.

Because we want people to visit our website, we create it. Except, we are private and only as a "privacy diary."

Everyone who makes a website has many goals, one of those goals is to earn money. How can a website make money? A website can make money in many ways. There are through online stores, Google AdSense, or others.

It's not as simple as we think, though, to use the method. But it's also not as hard as we think. The goal of the website is to attract visitors or visitors so that we can earn money from it. Well, the goal of attracting visitors is to provide engaging content.

Why is that information so crucial? There is a phrase for Caucasians who have always achieved great fame: "CONTENT IS KING," which means that content truly is king. How come? because visitors are drawn to content.

Why is the mall usually crowded given this? Because we can shop or just relax at the mall, correct? Because there are so many items to choose from within the mall, don't you think?

It's the same with that, for instance, whether a mall's main draw is a place to play, buy, eat, or simply unwind. The website's content is what matters most when browsing. What then is contained in the website's content? The website's material includes the following, among other things:

Article (text)




Therefore, content itself refers to more than just articles. Many individuals mistakenly believe that content just refers to articles, even though this is incorrect.

What draws you, for instance, to the Rocket Management website? because it's a fascinating piece, I assume? Why go if it's not interesting?

Well, there are many distinct website models and content presentation styles. For instance, YouTube offers video-based content.

Website content in the form of pictures, photos, and illustrations is provided by deviantart, derribble, and photostock. Sound and music are the kind of content that Soundcloud offers. Rocket Management offers articles as material in the meantime.

Do you now comprehend the significance of content? Yes, people won't want to visit us if we don't have engaging and distinctive material.

The next issue is how to provide engaging content. Yes, let's talk more specifically.

How to Make Interesting Articles

I got started by writing engaging articles. Because text-based material like articles is what most users are seeking for among the variety of online content already available. Information may be completely delivered without a lot of internet limit because the material is in text form.

Additionally, the more engaging the article's content is, the more likely it is that readers will frequent it. What kind of article is it, then?

Indeed, there are two intriguing points of view: interesting for visitors and interesting for Google. Because many individuals don't want to hassle with using simply Google Translate to translate content from other languages to Indonesia.

So how can we effectively write articles? Yes, it is difficult to write decent content. Why is it difficult? Because there are several requirements we must meet before someone may read the articles we create, they must feel "at home." So what makes a piece of writing interesting?

Utilizing an original linguistic style is the first step in making the content intriguing. If you visit a website like and then compare the wording on, you'll see that it's obviously different.

I will clarify this point, though. The "identity" of the website we develop will be this linguistic style.

There are websites, referred to as wikipedia, with extremely basic article material. Additionally, there are websites that use terminology that is not completely standardized, such as the news portals,, or itself.

I intentionally used a moderate language style when creating this management rocket since I didn't want the delivery to come off as rigid and I also didn't want to be too loose.

In addition to the delivery manner, various supporting components like images, movies, and so forth. Let's go over how to make fascinating content step by step for additional information:

1. Start with Research!

Yes, whatever it is we must start with research. Why is this so important?

Without research, the article that we make seems "empty". Because we do not know the direction of the discussion in the article itself.

There are many researches here, the first is keyword research. This keyword research is so important because if we don't research it first, it will

a we can just create content that lacks fans. What's good content if no one reads it? Except for personal diaries.

In bringing in visitors, there are indeed many ways, namely through search engines with search engine optimization techniques and also with social media using social media optimization techniques. These two can be said to be "reversely proportional" but can also reinforce each other.

Now is the era of “viral content”, which is content that is spread massively through social media. The essence of this viral content is to make articles as “bombastic as possible” so that people are curious, their emotions rise and finally voluntarily share the article.

This method is actually quite legitimate, it is actually good for increasing the "brand" of our website. However, the problem is that many internet marketers use the "black hat" technique. Where is the black hat?

The point of fault is in the content! They just make content that makes other people curious, don't care if this is a fact or not, just as long as it goes viral, that's okay!

Practices like this are very massive, where hoax news (not according to facts) is very easy to get viral. If this hoax news spreads, then indirectly, we are also spreading lies! Even though there are a lot of visitors, we still spread ugliness.

In addition to creating content that is "inconsequential" and comes from a bombshell, another way to make that content go viral is to create "hate speech" content. This means creating content that spreads hate. For example, vilify one particular figure.

If we look at many who use this method, with all kinds of ways to spread hatred and write it on the website so that people want to visit the website.

This is also no less severe when compared to hoax news! It's even worse, because the haters of course write content based on subjective not objective.

My advice is to avoid using 2 presentations of content like that, even though we have a lot of visitors, the value of attitude and blessing is not there. Ride at least for a short time, will not be able to long tail.

Then how to create good viral content?

What is certain is that to create good viral content, we must create content that is useful for many people. This is one of the similarities in presenting content if it is promoted through social media and search engines, both of which must be useful articles.

If through social media it is content that people need, if content on search engines is content that other people need. It's like social media is like door to door sales, so the salesperson offers it. If the search engine is the customer who comes to the store to ask questions and buy it.

If the article you present feels useful but no one is looking for it, it is better to use social media. Still don't understand?

Do you know famous daily social websites such as hipwee or short stories? Both contain unique and very useful content, especially for young children. But, has the content they created ever occurred to you so that you write it down in a search engine? No isn't it?

This kind of content model is very suitable to be promoted through social media, because this article is "very young" so that Facebook users who are the "target audience" will be very willing to share it on their homepage. That's the point!

Another point is that content that uses social media as the main medium for promotion has the same nature, namely "short tail". This means that the content is seasonal and not perpetual. (Read: Various Keyword/Keyword)

If in search engines we can present content with 2 types, both long tail and short tail. Because both can be promoted effectively through search engines.

Long tail is a type of content that is “durable”. Examples of long tail content are as follows:

How to play badminton well

How to "checkmate" in one game

What is the standard size of the ball in basketball?

What is the size of a football field?

What is the definition of management?

Do you understand what it means? The first example is, how to play badminton well. So, from the past, now or in the future, how to play badminton is just like that, isn't it?

We can present complete content on how to play badminton well, from how to start serving, how to smash, etc.

Then the content with the title, what is the size of a football field? From ancient times until now the size of a football field is the same, right? So we don't need to change it all the time, just create 1 content and it can be "eternal".

It's not possible that you are looking for good content on how to play badminton on social media? Moreover, finding out the size of the football field on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

Definitely looking for those articles through the engine

seeker isn't it? Now that's the main difference between content for social media and content for search engines. Then, which one is better?

Both are equally good, articles with short tail type are great for boosting visitors quickly and “instantly” but not good for the long term.

While long tail articles are good for the long term, but it is not recommended to get visitors quickly. Because we need at least 6 months to attract visitors by using long tail articles.

So, my advice is to use a combination of both. Short tail with long tail, short tail to boost visitors as soon as possible and long tail to back up visitors if the short tail is no longer trending.

So how do you do the research?

Research for the long term can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner while for short tails you can use Google Trends. I will discuss more in the next article about keyword research.

2. Inform as completely as possible.

After we do research on the article what we will make next is to start writing it.


But…. We don't just create content, but we have to prioritize "quality". If you have been in the world of online business or internet marketing for a long time, you are already familiar with the term AGC, right? Or AGK?

Well, AGC stands for Auto Generated Content, so it's easy for us to install a plugin on our website that is useful for creating content automatically.

If AGK stands for Auto Generated Keyword, so basically this plugin can generate many keywords for just one piece of content.

Both can be said to be black hat techniques, because of what? By using these two techniques we can be said to be "deceiving visitors".

Apart from that the quality of the content served was very poor! It can't even be read by humans (only readable by search engines).

In general, AGC and AGK can't last long, only 6 months at most, even if it's more than that then they're just lucky, on average only 2-3 months old.

Well, that's why I highly recommend never using the AGC or AGK technique or whatever the name is that uses such a concept. Let's use the "natural" way but it works all the time.

The quality of the content is number 1, a few articles are better but very high quality than thousands of articles but as long as they are made, let alone the results of the AGC.

So how to make an interesting article that?

An interesting article that is a complete article. Complete discussion here is not half-assed.

The use of supporting elements is also very important in improving the quality of the articles we make. These elements include:

a. Pictures / Photos / Illustrations

The first is a picture. Yes, an article with pictures to support it will be more interesting than just a long article without any pictures at all.


Yes, there are but… We can't just take pictures from the internet, because each image has a different license.

The easiest way is to search for images via Google Images. Indeed, one of Google's features is very useful for us. Google images has many advantages, such as easy, quality image search, and we can search for images based on images.

so.. google has some kind of algorithm that is able to detect the image that we upload and then look for the same image based on that image.

In addition, on Google we can also filter the images that are displayed, see the image below:

It's clear in the picture above, isn't it? There we can filter the images that appear from size, color, type, title, to the license of each image itself.

If you are lazy through google image, here is a site that can be used to find free images on the internet:

There are about 28 websites that we can use to find free images on the internet. The images that we download from the website are CC licensed, aka we are free to use, edit, distribute, either for personal or commercial use.


Maybe you don't really like "real" images, aka photos, we can also download vector or cartoon images for free. My favorite place is to download from freepik

I also take a lot of the illustrations on the Rocket Management website from Freepik. Because the quality of the vectors is very good, not inferior to the paid vectors.

In addition to freepik there are also other free vector sites, namely:

So, please look for the best images for your website. But… remember that even though the image presented is FREE, don't ever claim that the image is 100% yours. Because that's the same as we do not appreciate those who have made the image/vector with difficulty.

b. Use Video/Audio

In addition to the use of photos or images, the use of video and audio is also sufficient to improve the quality of the content/articles that we create.

This audio and video will further enrich our content, so that the information conveyed by the user is more conveyed. Because maybe every information is not enough just through writing.

I also use video for some of my content, one of which is here. So, we can embed videos from video provider sites like youtube.

Even though the video is not ours, there is nothing wrong with embedding the video, especially if the video is closely related to the content we have.

c. Presenting Data in the Form of Tables / Infographics

Finally, we can present data to strengthen the argument of our article.

This data is very important, especially if our article is about things that can be calculated. For example, the number of poverty in Jakarta, the number of unemployed in Indonesia. We can not argue origin if we do not have strong data.

Nowadays, it is trending to make infographics, because by using infographics the data submitted can be quickly accepted and understood by readers compared to using conventional tables. For example, as I took from the website techinasia Indonesia

3. When writing, don't think too much about SEO but don't forget it

Well, this part I can say "a bit difficult".

Yes, when we write an article, we make that article as natural as possible, aka not making it up. We write for the purpose of being read by people, not being read by machines.

Many people think that we have to spread a lot of keywords, either at the beginning, middle, or end of an article.

This assumption is actually true but also not quite right. Now that Google is smarter, so Google knows the words related to the keywords we shoot.

For example like this, I made an article with the title how to write an article, now related sentences are like how to create content, how to write articles, how to write well and correctly.

Well, rather than repeating the same keywords over and over again, namely how to write articles, I'd better flatten them out with various kinds of related keyword suggestions.

So, our article seems natural in the eyes of Google, you don't have to worry about the keywords we shoot that don't enter page one.

If the article you are researching is a bit of a competitor, and your article is as good as possible, then I am sure that within 1 month the article will be on page one.

However, if the keyword you are aiming for has strong competitors, then the articles made must be of very, very high quality, and the most complete compared to competitors (read again the second part).

So, the point is to make content as natural as possible and make people who read it feel comfortable and easy to understand.

Spreading keywords with a variety of related keywords is actually one of the SEO strategies, namely SEO On Page.

In addition, we can optimize the images that we upload. So, make sure the image that we upload is related to the content created. After that, give the name of the image based on the keywords we are aiming for.

For example, the targeted keyword is how to play badminton, so we can name the image how to play-badminton.jpg. Do not use spaces to write images, instead use dashes (-) or underscors (_).

Don't forget to also provide a caption and description for each uploaded image. Use words that are as natural as possible, and remember not to overload keywords, use them appropriately.

Then how to write articles for online stores?

One of the online shops that I think SEO On Page is very good is Bhinneka. They provide product reviews in great detail, both reviews and specifications.

Article descriptions like that are very liked by search engines, because with a complete explanation it will provide more information to their potential customers.

Things are different when wecompare it with other online stores such as lazada, blibli, etc. They have a lot of sellers who sell in the store, so in terms of On Page SEO, especially product descriptions, it can be said to be a bit "perfunctory".

For diversity, only those who sell in their shop, so in terms of quality content, it is very high quality. Complete with clear pictures/photos and a complete video review.

4. Use Interesting Titles

The title can be said to be the "spearhead" so that our articles will be read by people. How come? The first thing our potential visitors read is the title of our article.

So, we can be sure that an attractive title is absolutely necessary so that people want to visit our articles.

Although in terms of content quality we win, are interesting, complete, but if the title is not interesting then people will automatically be reluctant to read our articles. Especially if our marketing methods focus on using social media. The catchy title is absolute!

Because of the importance of this catchy title, the tips are as follows:

a. Specific title = not general

Make the title to the point, not convoluted.

To the point here doesn't mean the title is short. For example, in a previous article I made an article entitled "44 Ideas for Small Capital Online Business Opportunities that You Can Do from Home"

Even though the title is long, it gets to the point. It's different if I make a shorter title, for example "44 Online Business Opportunities". Well, even though it's short, it's still very general, isn't it?

If the first title is clear, that article shows that there are 44 opportunity ideas for online businesses with small capital, and they can be done from home. Even though it's longer, it's more to the point, isn't it?

Well, that's what I meant. Determining the title of the article can be done later, not at the beginning of writing.

After we write at length then we just try to make an interesting title based on the writing that we make. If we make a title at the beginning, we indirectly limit the discussion in our article itself.

b. The title of the article contains the Pros and Cons

Using a title that invites pros and cons is also important enough to get other people interested in our article.

The picture above is just a few examples of the pros and cons of using titles.

The article above clearly contains cons, especially for Muslims. Well, because it makes people curious, many people do "click, like, comment, and share".

You can follow the example above. But…..

However, we should not be careless in making the pros and cons. Especially if we make a title that smells of HOAX just to gain traffic.

Remember the previous discussion, write articles that are useful and do not contain hoaxes. Because of what?

For example, if many people are influenced by our writing, and he spreads it even though it's a lie, won't our credibility drop?

Not only that, our position in the eyes of God will also decrease = no blessing.

Another example is “Blogger vs WordPress: Which is good for blogging?”, or “Samsung VS Apple, which one do you choose?”.

Obviously the title is very controversial, where both have their own "fansbase". Well, we can make the articles that we make as an arena for discussion but not a place to bully or ridicule.

c. Use the word tutorial, guide, precise moves, or numbers

Well if our article discusses the guide then there is nothing wrong if we include it in the title of the article. It's even good.

For example "8 Free Facebook Marketing Guide". So the example is very clear, isn't it?

Using these numbers shows that our article is very specific about Facebook marketing. In addition, people who read the title will know that it contains a guide.

In English, this type of title is called procedural text.

Well maybe that's all the tips I usually do to make interesting articles. But, that's just a tip. Even better if we have our own unique writing style.

May be useful..

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