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3 Tips for Choosing an Online Business

Chosing Online Busines

I just read: Characters of Successful Entrepreneurs Bob Sadino's Version. That an entrepreneur is successful because of character. Not solely determined by the capital and resources owned by an entrepreneur.

Among others:

Having a strong will, it takes an entrepreneur to survive at the start of a business.

Strong determination, needed to adhere to the action plan that he made himself.

Dare to take risks, so the business will continue to go uphill. Without this courage, an entrepreneur will walk in place or walk backwards when faced with risk.

Durable and not whiny. Obstacles, and all kinds of shocks must exist. Entrepreneurs will stop and go bankrupt, if they are not resilient. If you stop, it's impossible to succeed.

Sincere and always grateful. This is not just an attitude, but must be a character for entrepreneurs.

Although this is the most absurd character. But with this one character, an entrepreneur will run his business with go-with-the-flow. An entrepreneur will be able to interpret every result obtained by heart.

No matter how small the profit is, if the heart interprets it, then the entrepreneurial step does not stop only in rupiah. For some reason, it suddenly crossed my mind to share: Tips for Choosing an Online Business.

Try to help me think, is there a correlation between the character of the successful entrepreneur Bob Sadino version that I read, with the idea of ​​writing Tips for Choosing an Online Business???

Maybe my brain is reformulating so many memories that an idea pops up a bit.

I'm sure, if you google with the keyword "Tips for Choosing an Online Business", surely you will find a lot of content that you can read.

I just tried googling, and there are 804,000 results. Imagine, how many references about Tips for Choosing an Online Business.

Right now, I want to make a small contribution to this sea of ​​information called INTERNET. Although I am only a blogger who is just learning to see the world of the internet.

There are only 3 Tips for Choosing an Online Business from me to you. The rest please enrich your knowledge by googling or reading books, or discussing with experts.

3 tips from me:


Choose the risk that is easiest for you to go through. If I say choose ZERO RISK, it's clearly impossible. Because there is always a risk, even if it's a little. Between those with minimal risk, choose the one with the easiest potential risk for you to go through properly.

So what about high risk high return? If you are able to cope with the magnitude of the risk, please take it with the return.


Choose a product that we already use daily, or substitute. To choose an online business that distributes products, you should avoid businesses that have magic products. Alias ​​are not everyday products we use, we use or we consume.

Because this is related to your finances. INTENTION to do business online to look for additional income, BUT you get additional expenses.


Choose the one that can save your time, energy, mind and money. We recommend choosing an online business that makes your needs met, earns income, and saves your time-energy-mind-money.

Choose an online business that makes everything easy, cheap and has abundant results.

I hope these tips from me, useful for you.

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